In the Gospel today Jesus rebukes Peter with the words “Get behind me Satan! For you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.” These may seem like strong words, yet they hold a key truth that we need during this Lenten time. Jesus reveals to us that we need to discern whether our response to situations is being driven by a mind set on human or divine things. In other words, we need to take a “God perspective” on our situation. To do this requires us to draw closer to God, seeking to know and understand His will, and asking for the grace to respond from this perspective. I am trusting that as you continue choosing and following your particular Lenten Disciples of prayer, fasting and alms giving—that these are increasing your ability to pay attention to how God is present and moving in your life.
Together, we also need to seek God’s perspective on our community of faith. We face a year that will be filled with uncertainties. Yet, one thing is certain, our church life will never be the same again. Our traditional models of “being and doing church” need to be fundamentally transformed. And in this we need to seek a God perspective. Parish Council met yesterday to being discerning the ways in which we can become more creative in how we enact and experience our common life as believers in the All Saints family. We were encouraged by the knowledge that as long as we remain prayerful, Jesus will lead us into this new vision. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing more of our discernment, and inviting each of you to be a part of this wonderful new thing God seeks to do in, and with, and through us. I am praying for you, please continue to pray for me. With love and light on you and yours.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

28 February 2021

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