Stepping Stones

As we journey with God we encounter many life events that bring about great changes both in our personal and spiritual being.  Many of these life events can be experienced in church and at All Saints we welcome you to embrace them with us. Contact Us for more information.


Baptism enables your child to start their first formal steps on an amazing journey of faith with God. This special moment can be shared with friends and family. Contact Us for more information. Alternatively complete the applicable form to start the process of becoming baptised at All Saints.

Child Baptism

Adult Baptism

See some of our Baptisms below by clicking the applicable image:


Confirmation is available for people 16 years and over seeking to make public their personal belief and trust in God. At All Saints, we run confirmation courses spread over approximately one year. Once completed, a life of active worship, witness and service follows as the candidates live into their journey of discipleship. Contact Us for more information or complete this online form to register your enquiry


Marriage in the church is a sacrament. It is seen as the embodiment of the love between Christ and the Church, and grounds the human relationship in the unconditional love of God. All Saints would love to share this significant milestone with you and yours. Contact Us for more information.

Pastoral Care

As part of community engagement we offer Pastoral Care. We offer spiritual, emotional and social care as is required. Note this ministry is partially restricted and governed by Covid-19 guidelines. Contact Us for more information.


Funerals serve as an important emotional and spiritual marker when a loved one passes. There is always a sense of loss and emptiness. At All Saints we carry a message of hope and love as we remember a loved one in life and a life after death. Contact Us for more information.