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Adjusted Level 1 effective 01 October 2021. The prevailing Covid-19 social distancing and related protocols shall remain in place.

Ministry Leadership

Vibe Youth

Ministry Leadership

Lani Maroleni

Disciples and Jam Kids

Ministry Leadership

Del Bunn

Vibe Connect

Ministry Leadership

Judith Mugeni

There’s lots going on at All Saints for our Children, Youth and Young Adults.

Children’s Church re-opens 16 October 2021

Disciples and Jam Kids Online

Our All Saints Youth and Children’s Church Ministry segments are broken down as follows:

JAM KIDS (aged 3-7 years)

This is a great opportunity for our young children to interact with loads of fun and educational games.

DISCIPLES (aged 8-12 years)

For our young people, developing God and Christ awareness and understanding.

VIBE YOUTH (high school age)

VIBE CONNECT (post high school age)

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