Anglican Prayer Book pg68-69

As we come to the last days of Advent it is useful to note the applicable Anthems that apply to the forthcoming days.

Lorelle Samuel – Church Administration – 18 December 2020

December 17     O Sapientia

O Wisdom, you came from the lips of God most high and you reach from one end of the universe to the other powerfully and gently ordering all things: come to teach us the way of prudence.

December 18     O Adonai

O Lord of Lords and leader of the house of Israel, you appeared to Moses in the flame of a burning bush and at Sinai you gave him the law: come with outstretched arm to save us.

December 19     O Radix Jesse

O Root of Jesse, you stand as a sign to the peoples, before you kings are silent and the Gentiles pray with longing: come now and set us free.

December 20     O Clavis David

O Key of David and ruler of the house of Israel, you open and none can shut, you shut and none can open: come and lead out of the prison house the captives who sit there in darkness and the shadow of death.

December 21     O Oriens

O Morning Star, you are the splendour of eternal light, you are the dawning sun, Sun of justice: come and enlighten those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death.

December 22     O Rex Gentium

O King of the nations and the fulfilment of their longing, you are the corner stone and you make all one, you formed us from primeval clay: come and save us.

December 23     O Emmanuel

O Emmanuel, our King and giver of the law, the people await you, their Saviour: come and save us, Lord our God.

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