“Beautifying the Space”

Outdoor Worship Area, Seating and Fire Pit.

The “Beautifying the Space” initiative builds on the importance attached to the unique and tranquil area occupied by All Saints Anglican Church.
During 2020 the Labyrinth was completed with a custom made cross marking its place as a natural destination marker. The Garden of Gethsemeny comprises a series of standing stones set among four magnificent olive trees and overlooks the latest beautifying developments underway, the outdoor worship area comprising covered stage, fire pit and seating.


Donate and Participate.


Covered Stage


Outdoor Seating


Fire Pit and Paved Cross

Our estimated project time frame estimates completion on 01 November 2021. We will track progress as we progress each project element. You are welcome to visit the church and see the progress as you explore our grounds as part of a time of reflection or meditative experience. You can help us and get involved by either donating materials, your time or money in form of donations. Your prayers for the realization of this project will also be appreciated.
Thank you for your interest and support.
All Saints Anglican Church is situated in the heart of Fourways. The church is nestled among tall pines, rolling lawns and beautiful indigenous plants and vegetation. It is accessed via Richard Road, a short drive from Fourways Gardens.
Consecration by Bishop Steve Moreo 05 Sep 2021
Season of Creation work 05 Sep 2021


Estimated Completion Date: COMPLETED

Status: 100%

Breaking ground started with the firepit being the centrepiece for the outdoor events and ministry area.

Members of the ‘Beautifying the Space’ Ministry and the local Scouts group broke ground on the firepit on the 6th March 2020. This marked the start of an exciting outdoor adventure in bringing ministry into the beautiful grounds of All Saints. The firepit will be the centre piece for a covered stage area and audience seating for up to 100 people.


Estimated Completion Date: 29 August 2022

Status: 75% Complete

Covered and made from sustainable materials, our stage is the ideal place for sermons, gospel and story telling.

The stage and slatted roof completed. As part of this phase of the development the firepit has a firebreak set around it in the form of a gravel and paving cross that sits perpendicular to the stage area.


Estimated Completion: Date: 01 November 2022

Status: 0% Complete

With an estimated seated capacity of 100, this will become a wonderful place to hear the word of the Lord, fellowship and embrace God’s beautiful church surroundings.

Awaiting commencement.

Put your back into it!
The digging starts on the Fire Pit.
The Cement Needs Carrying!
A young volunteer bringing cement to the Fire Pit.
We think we understand!
Marking out what needs to be dug out.
Don't fall in!
The cement gets laid.
Put your back into it!
With many of the team having gone for lunch it is left to one brave volunteer to start with the hard work.
Tea, one sugar please.
Preparations being made to pour the cement.
The Russian judge marks 3/10 for technique. 10/10 for effort.
Even with the recent rains the ground still proves a tough adversary.
Wow, these bricks are heavy! How many?
The preparations continue...
When you're in a hole, knowing when to stop digging is key.
Fire Pit dug out.
How many men does it take to dig a hole?
Breaking ground the old fashioned way.
Do we really need to dig?
Fire Pit Preparations
Feet or metres!
It all starts with measurements being taken.
Pay attention lads, you've got to mix this just right...
More cement prepared for the Fire Pit
The spirit, keeping things level in the sun.
Foundations always the most important.
Backbreaking work...
When a spade is a hammer...
Bedding in the brickwork....
You shouldn't point, except when its brickwork...
Two helpers tidy up excess cement around the brick work.
My back my back I need some help here!
Work completed for the day.
Finishing touches being made to a job well done (I)
Finishing touches being made (II)
Finishing touches being made (III)
Definitely ordering a chocolate milkshake later.
Finishing Touches (IV)
Anonymous Friends - Finishing touches
Anonymous Friends - Finishing touches
Covered Stage 1
Covered Stage 2
Covered Stage 3
Stage 20_05_2021
Stage 0206
Stage 1006
Stage 1006-002


28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’

We ask for your assistance and support in moving this project forward to its conclusion. Please use the reference “Outdoor Worship” as your reference when making donations. Your support is gratefully received.

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If you’d like to donate materials such as cement, wood, DIY equipment, bricks, paving stones etc please make contact with the Church Office for details.

PHASE TWO: Your kind support most welcome in completing the stage cover and aethetics.


When donating please add reference ‘Outdoor Worship’. You can also support this project via partnership.


Whether you are a tradesman or you simply want to get involved with this church project, you are most welcome. Please contact the Church Office for details of how to get involved and apply your skills.

PHASE TWO: Your kind support most welcome.


When donating please add reference ‘Outdoor Worship’. You can also support this project via partnership.