Beautiful saints of God planted by God in this place, peace and grace be with you.

Some of you may have seen that we’ve changed our logo and we’d like to explain why…

After much deliberation, brainstorming and input from our ministries we at All Saints Anglican Church took the decision to evolve our logo and brand to reflect and represent how we minister and deliver our message.

As we approach this task at a time of significant change, development and inspiration, it was important to bring change but not necessarily radical change in respect to our logo. Our new logo reflects an evolution rather than revolution and we were careful to strike a balance between the needs of our existing congregation and respect for our past and journey to this point, whilst also reaching out to a new generation of congregants and a new determination to be more accessible, relevant and community centred.

Below I have set out our old and new logos for you to get a visual contrast and also and understanding of the drivers that have brought about the changes you see.

The old and the new:

Our old logo.

Our old logo is a traditional embodiment of the chalice emboldened with the cross and backed by the olive branch symbolising the importance of our faith, the palm and the last supper which together mark the life, death and resurrection of Christ our Saviour.

Our new logo.

Earlier in the year we introduced the foundation for growing a ministry of all believers, and growing in discipleship.

Taken from Phillipians 3. 8-11 “Belong, Believe, Become.” marks a strengthening of the bonds that can result from being in community with the church and travelling a personal and collective journey with Christ.

These words are intentionally open to personal and biblical interpretation such is the kind of experience we want you to have when involved at All Saints. These words form an integral part of our logo such is the importance of this foundational message.

One of the many attractions that All Saints Fourways brings is the beautiful setting where our church is located. Not only is our church building a wonderful place to worship and journey

with Christ, but our grounds are also a place where quiet reflection and meditation can take place only a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the outside world we live in today. As you move around our grounds from the Labyrinth to the Garden of Gethsemeney and then onward to our outside worship area and fire pit, you will no doubt feel a sense of peace and harmony. On this journey around the grounds, you will no doubt encounter our peacocks that are resident with us at All Saints. They bring colour, life and their unique calling cries to our surroundings. There is, of course, a biblical connotation that our Peacocks bring, as they are associated with the resurrection of Christ and, their feathers, an ancient Christian symbol of eternal life. It was therefore fitting that a peacock feather would form part of our new logo.

In keeping with tradition our chalice remains in our logo but has been renewed with a bolder colour signifying the increasingly important role that churches like All Saints play in the community today especially amongst our younger members in VIBE Connect, VIBE Youth and VIBE Kids. The cross remains and is clearer and more resonant in keeping with, I hope, our vision and message. The olive branch continues and play a significant role commemorating Jesus Christ’s obedience to God and thus fulfilling his salvific ministry.

Combined, these elements bring about a clearer and more defined message about All Saints and in keeping with our new logo I ask that you come and experience All Saints with us such that you are able to belong, believe and become the people God has made us to be.

With much love and light,

Anastasia Huntley

07 May 2022