It is with great excitement that I await our Patronal Festival next Sunday. I am filled with wonder at the great things God is doing in our community of faith, and an opportunity to celebrate this by being together next week seems a fitting way to give thanks to God. We are planning an outdoor, all age service so our numbers can be higher. I am encouraging each of you to come with your families and spend time celebrating the goodness of God to us. Between the Men and Women’s Fellowship there will be food to share and we ask that you bring along a dessert for sharing, as well as your own drinks. If you have not yet done so, please also take a look at our “wish list” for items that the
church needs, or simply make an EFT referenced Patronal Festival, and we will use the cash towards purchasing items from the wish list.
On Saturday 13 November we are holding our Strategic Planning session. The Holy Spirit has laid many things on my heart for our future which I would like to share with you all. Together we can then discern the movement of God in this place and put together a strategy going forward. Most importantly I am sensing that God seeks us to become a more accessible and central resource to our surrounding community. This will require us to make the property more accessible as well as to upgrade some of our existing spaces. We are called to minister to those around us, in their need and where they are. So, again please do make the time to join us.
Today’s Gospel underscores the dual commandment of love which is the covenant that binds us to God. Last week I asked us all to reflect on how much we trust God’s love and covenant with us. This God of covenant is determined to seek us out, to find us and to bring us back into right relationship with ourselves and those around us. As we go to the polls on Monday, my prayer is that each of us will exercise our vote in the direction of this call to live in right relationship with one another.
Pray for me, I am praying for you.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

31 October 2021