I have been on a high all week from our Spirit-filled service last Sunday. Truly there was a freshness in the air, a deep joyfulness of working together in preparation, and such a relaxed and intimate feel to our time together. Everything was perfect, including the weather! And so in deep gratitude to God, for the time and talents endowed in this community of faith, coming together to give God all the glory for the things He has done!
We continue to journey into the 2nd week of our Season of Creation. The overall theme of Oikos is coupled with Logia—meaning the ecology of the home. And so we are encouraged to take the time this week acknowledging that God speaks to us not only through the word of our Sacred Texts but also through the world God has created. We all are so deeply aware of the ecological crisis our home faces, and yet as a human species we seem unable to make the life style changes necessary to protect the creation placed in our care. I have been reflecting on this, and am wondering whether at the root of the matter is a deep question about the state of our hearts. We see in the news our lack of
care and love for one another, and this is reflected in our lack of right and loving relationship with all of creation. Perhaps like me you feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of us, or feel helpless to really make that difference that is needed? Let us begin with the small things that are in our sphere of influence. For example, taking time this week to really seek a sense of the Divine presence in nature.
Whether this is taking the time to watch a sunrise or sunset, breathing deeply and quietly thanking the trees for the oxygen, or contemplating the ways in which spring is gently upon us. Noticing how the seasons may have some wisdom for a current struggle or problem we are grappling with draws us into a deeper and more intimate relationship with nature. Whatever you may face this week, I pray that you do so trusting God to prompt you to actions that reveal His great love and care for
everything created.

With much love and light on the week ahead.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

12 September 2021