Today is such a special occasion in our community. A true example of God’s great love and grace upon us as we receive the anointing of our Bishop Steve and Ma Liziwe. In the presence of our Shephard in this Diocese, we experience a special presence of the Good Shepherd. The One to whom we belong. The One who never leaves or forsakes. The One we is able to meet us in all our infirmities and deepest longings. The One who heals us of all ailments. The One who is able to do miraculously more than we could ask or think. And so as we give thanks to God for the generosity of his people in this place, we also have a new beautiful worship space to meet God during this Season of Creation
and beyond. Deep gratitude to all the people who have worked together to make this day a success.
In particular each one of you who will be working today on getting our beautiful property “spring ready”.
This Season of Creation is given to us as a time of special reflection and transformation. A time to connect more deeply to this our common home and find our place within it. The theme for this year is Oikos—A Home for All. We will be using the liturgy and foci proposed by the Provincial team as we explore this theme. I also encourage you to sign up for our Quiet Morning of Prayer led by the Ven. Michelle Pillet on Saturday 11 September from 9h00—12h30. The theme is “Come drink from the well” and we offer this as a time for God to meet us in the depth of our thirst. As spring continues to meet us with a promise of new seasons, we continue to hold the world in prayer as we navigate the up’s and down’s of life. Encouraged by God’s own faithfulness, love and grace, we meet this coming week entrusting all we say and do to the building of the Kingdom.
Continue to pray for me as I continue to pray for you. With much love and light on the week ahead.