As I write this reflection, the weather is reminding us that winter has not yet given sway to spring. Yet, my soul still sings with the possibility of a new season that is almost upon us. It has been such a long year, and 18 months of COVID has taken it’s toll, yet Jesus reminds us today that all we need can be found in an intimate relationship with Him. The Gospel of John reaches across the ages with an enduring message: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us” . This Jesus, the Living Word of God, the Bread of Life, seeks to sustain and nourish us whatever our circumstances. And as I receive this mystery of unconditional love and grace, I feel the inner shift from despair to hope, from depletion to renewal. And this is the message echoed in our Ephesians reading today. To live wisely, is to live in the knowledge and love of Christ Jesus, who gives His flesh for the life of the world. When we are able to grasp this wonderful gift so freely given then we become a new creation. And this new identity leads also to new actions. We become grounded in a living faith community. A community of practice, where empowered by the Holy Spirit, and sustained by the Living Word we are able to live in new relationship to God and one another. This week our compassion challenge is “showing compassion to your Church family”. It is an opportunity for us to truly receive our membership in this family, where we are called into friendship with Jesus Christ. May each one of you be encouraged by this belonging. May you experience the depth of love that God shares through our
relationships with one another. And may being part of this Body of Christ bring you the sustenance and hope you may need this week. I encourage you to sign up for our special events that will be advertised this week, so we may enjoy belonging and being together as a special people, deeply loved by God, and called to minister to a broken and wounded world.
Pray for me, I am praying for you.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

15 August 2021