In our Gospel this morning we see not only the religious elite, but Jesus’ own family concerned about his ministry of healing, miracles and exorcisms. Perhaps his family’s concern was for his growing reputation and how this may end badly with the rulers of the day. Perhaps this same concern was shared by the religious elite, given the very tentative peace they were attempting to keep under Roman rule? We can’t really know for sure. But what we see in the Gospel today is that Jesus’ is controversial and disturbing and in many ways dangerous to the social order of his day. This got me reflecting on the “strong man” who is bound in the parable Jesus tells in response to the accusation
that he is using demonic power to cast out demons. Where is the “strong man” (Satan, the enemy, the accuser) at work in my life? Knowing that he comes to lie, steal and destroy, how can I become more aware of the ways in which the enemy is at work in and around me? And not only myself, but those I love and pray for, those I consider my enemies, the strangers around me and those I encounter on a daily basis. How do I allow the power of Jesus’ ministry to be the miracle healing and exorcism that we all so desperately need? It is ultimately a work of grace that Jesus calls us into. A life in God, where we are grounded in the knowledge of who we are—the family of God, As this family we are reminded by Paul today that we are not exempt from the perils of this life. However, even though “outwardly we are perishing, we are inwardly being renewed”. This happens as we allow the Holy Spirit, the love and mercy of God, to work in our situations. It is a reminder that we are not forsaken and that victory is ours through him who loves us. And so as we go into a new week, may the daily inner renewal that God offers us, be sufficient to face the outward perishing that is part of this thing called life.

Pray for me, I am praying for you.
With love and light on the week ahead.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

06 June 2021