Today we celebrate the “birthday” of the Church with the coming of the promised Holy Spirit on the disciples at Pentecost. It is a wonder-filled moment to receive afresh the anointing that the Holy Spirit offers us as believers. Sealing us as inheritors of Christs’ promises, binding us into the loving life of God, being our advocate and guide as we walk in the way of the cross, and empowering us to share in the salvific ministry of Christ to a broken and wounded world. And so, this service is designed to draw us more deeply into that life giving Spirit. We will use the elements representative of the Holy Spirit (water, fire, wind and oil) to reflect on how the Holy Spirit can empower and equip
us for ministry. We will send time opening ourselves to a fresh outpouring of that Spirit. And we will be together in joyous celebration of being friends of Christ and children of God.

Pentecost also brings to a close the 60 days of the Eastertide Season. A time that we have spent reflecting on, and living into our calling to be a Resurrection People. We have experienced our Lord and Saviour Jesus praying for us and fulfilling all promises God has made to every generation in us. This prepares us for the next season of our Church that will end in November with Advent (our season of preparation for Christmas and the beginning of the church year). This season we enter is a time to grow as disciples, followers and priests of God. We will journey week by week into that calling, Gathering each Sunday to bring to God our work of the week, and receive afresh the Holy Spirit to go into a new week of ministry. Today therefore we will be asking each of you to be convicted and empowered by the Holy Spirit for an understanding of what your specific ministry is to the world. A world that desperately needs healing and love. A world that groans under the weight of sin and death. A world where we wage war against one another. A world that God loves and sent His Son to save. Pray for me, I am praying for you.

With love and light on you all.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

23 May 2021