Our Gospel for today continues to explore Jesus’ invitation for us to “abide” in Him, the true vine. We see a three-fold movement. First, Jesus invites us into the love that He shares with the Father, asking us to love one another as He has loved us. Second, as we enter into this loving life of God, Jesus calls us His friends. We become intimate companions with what God seeks to be and do, in and for the world. And finally Jesus reminds us that we did not choose Him, but that He chose us. And the purpose of this choosing is so that we may bare fruit that will last. All of this becomes possible through the love of God revealed and share in the life of a living community of faith.
Today the secular world celebrates Mothers Day, focusing our attention on the quality of our family life. Not only our biological families, but also our family of believers, and family of humanity. Perhaps today is an opportunity to reflect on how we want to participate in that family life? What qualities have we seen and experienced in our mothers that inspire us to love one another as they have loved us? As we reflect on the friendship that Jesus offers us, what have we seen and experienced in our friendships that inspire us to love one another as they have loved us? And finally as we reflect on the many ways other choose us, how does that inspire us to choose others?

God’s love comes alive in the relationships around us, and perhaps this week is an opportunity to pay more careful attention to the ways in which we are nurturing and participating in those relationships. Asking God to come alive in our ordinary and everyday actions of being together in the families we belong to. Pray for me, I am praying for you.

With love and light on your week ahead.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

09 May 2021