The familiar gospel passage of the Good Shepherd, paired with Psalm 23 has a distinct pastoral flavour that brings comfort to people who think they might have gone astray. However, the realities of such a setting are often far from glamourous – especially after having witnessed a vet attending to a breech birth of a lamb. Today’s readings encourage us to get involved and get our hands dirty!
Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter are evidence and enactment of self-giving love: just as the good shepherd gives himself for the sheep. The Easter events authorize and empower us for this loving and self-giving. In this season of Easter it is important to reflect on the extent to which transformed lives lead to shared caring – getting our hands dirty – selfgiving for the sake of our neighbours, especially those on the edge of society. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated other “pandemics” and scourges – both globally and locally. How can we give of ourselves to address systemic issues of poverty, corruption, gender-based violence, racism and environmental degradation?
We continue to uphold Rev Anastasia and her family in prayer as she returns from her two week teaching block, and takes a few days off to rejuvenate. Please continue to uphold her and her family as she readjusts to parish life.

Jean Pienaar

25 April 2021