Christ in Risen – He is risen indeed! And so we live as a Post-Easter people. It doesn’t mean that we get to avoid the inevitable hardships – COVID is still amongst us, and life still happens, with various obstacles and challenges along the way. In the midst of all this, perhaps an important question to consider is how has the Easter story changed us, the
community at All Saints? In John’s first letter, he stresses that witnessing the resurrected Christ had fundamentally changed the disciples – on a personal level, but also in their relationships with each other. This is echoed by the author of Acts who reiterates the transformation of those who had been part of that first Easter – an all-encompassing commitment to fellowship and sharing. The risen Lord, appearing to the disciples through locked doors, gave them boldness and grace to make a difference in the world by their words and actions.
As you may know, Rev Anastasia is in a different timezone at the moment, sharing her knowledge with students at an American University for the next two weeks. Please uphold her in your prayers. Today we welcome Rev Dave Osburn who will be our celebrant and preacher. I pray that Jesus stands among us as we gather to worship and are transformed by His presence as we go out into the world.


Lay Minister Jean Pienaar

11 April 2021