Deep gratitude to all those who have made our Easter Celebration such a meaningful encounter with God’s deep love, faithfulness and grace! To our on-line service team, you have been flexible, creative and hard working to ensure that those who could not be with us in person could still participate. Thank you. To our Parish Ministers who have held the different service spaces with me. Thank you. To our dramatic readers who have brought the Gospel story to life. Thank you. To our young people for leading us in the Liturgy of the word, and showing us a new perspective. Thank you. To each parishioner who was able to attend in-person and worship our Saviour and Redeemer. Thank you. To Simon (and the scouts) and the Men’s Fellowship for making sure we could have an Easter fire. Thank you. And finally to Lorelle who has worked so hard to do all the
background support. Thank you. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

Alleluia Christ is risen, he is risen indeed! These are the words with which we greet this Easter Morning. Having walked with Jesus through Holy Week and into the tomb of death, today we declare the power of the resurrection. And with it we claim our identity as a Resurrection People. Those on whom the power of God’s transformative love has worked its work of grace. A grace that we are called on to grab ahold of, to surrender to, and ultimately to allow its transformative power to be at work in, and with and through us. As I write this I am so aware of the places in my own life that could use this resurrection power. Places in our life as a community that need this resurrection power. And particularly in the darkness of these times we live in, the depth of our need of the salvific grace of Jesus our Risen Lord and Saviour. Today as a community we join the
world-wide Church in proclaiming our identity as a Resurrection People. It is my prayer that as each of us grab ahold afresh this identity, God may work powerfully in us to bring the hope and healing promised. I will be away from Friday 9th—Wednesday 21st April for my annual teaching commitment with American University. During this time Revd. Nigel has generously offered to minister in my place. Please reach out to the office should you need anything while I am away. I am praying for you, please continue to pray for me.

With love and light on you and yours.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

04 April 2021