In our Gospel this morning we see the Greeks who want to “see Jesus”. In his final public teaching Jesus tells the crowds that whoever serves Him must follow Him so that “where I am there will my servant be”. These extracts from the Gospel today can work to focus us for this final portion of our Lenten Journey before Palm Sunday and Holy Week begin.
In what ways do you want to “see Jesus”? For many of us life is so fast paced, packed with competing priorities as well as all the concerns we are carrying. It sometimes feels impossible to “see Jesus” with us in the midst of all of this. Perhaps this week is a wonderful opportunity to ask Him to help you see Him at work through the ordinary and the everyday of this life. Jesus goes on to tells us that if we want to see Him we must be where He is. Perhaps again, this is an invitation for us to not only “see” but also to seek Jesus out.
Where could Jesus be, that requires us to be also? As you offer up this week to the mystery of where Jesus may be and seeking to find and follow Him, I pray that you will be drawn more deeply into the life that God has in store for you. Praying that the Holy Spirit floods your being with the courage that may be needed to really embrace where Jesus is leading. Trusting the great grace of God and His covenant with us to sustain and strengthen you in the wilderness places of your life. Encouraged to continue with this Lenten journey so that we may meet Jesus in Jerusalem next week, follow him through to Good Friday and be reunited with Him on Easter Sunday. I am praying for you, please continue to pray for me.

With love and light on you and yours.

Anastasia Huntley

21 March 2021