Today we hold a very strange Vestry meeting. Due to the canonical requirements which cannot be met we will NOT be electing a new Parish Council. Rather we are continuing with those willing to serve another year, with Exco having the power to coopt (with voting rights) into portfolios which are vacant. A special thanks to those members who have indicated they are stepping down (Mosidi, Mike, Lionel and Keenan), your dedication and commitment saw us through a challenging year, and we celebrate what God has done through you for our community. You will be sorely missed in the team, and we are trusting God’s grace is sufficient for each one of you. Despite no elections taking place we are still able to share the reports and present the verified 2020 financials. I would like to thank all Parish Council members for their hard work in ensuring this level of accountability. In today’s service we will share the financials as well as the Rector report (these will also be recorded and shared on our website). All other reports are available on our website. Given the strange nature of this situation we ask that if you have specific questions on any item reported on you send these to the office so we can respond directly.
Today we celebrate the end of our Epiphany season and we officially enter our Lenten time on Wednesday. Our collect encourages us to become “prophets of God’s shinning splendour”. May this week be a time where God raises up the prophet in you and uses you to powerfully proclaim his great love.

I am praying for you, please continue to pray for me.

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

14 February 2021