I left you with an invitation last week to pay attention to what God may be asking you to believe during these times. An invitation to stay out of fear, and step into faith. What a week this has been for me on the journey of believing! And how wonderfully God is witnessing to his power and mercy in my life and those around me. Today in our second reading, Paul shares with the church how he asked God three times to deliver him from a “thorn in the flesh”. And that God responded “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Wow! My grace is sufficient for you. What a powerful invitation to trust God. To take each day with a perspective that God’s grace goes before us into the situation, and will bring us through to the other side. Truly, these uncertain times give us such opportunity to grow in trust!
This is coupled with our Gospel from today, where Jesus is rejected by his “home town”. We read in Mark’s version that due to lack of faith He could perform very few miracles. This got me wondering about how many miracles Jesus seeks to perform in my life and the life of others, that we may completely miss because we do not have eyes to see, or hearts to hear. How many ways God seeks to meet me, inside the storm, and yet I may not even perceive His presence or the grace that covers my life as a believer? None of this means that we are exempt from the daily challenges and struggles of this life. Yet it does give us a prism of hope through which to travel through these times. A hope that is grounded not in my power, might, ability or worth—but grounded in the nature of our God, in His great love, mercy and faithfulness. And so as we enter this new week—whatever “thorns” God may not be removing, let the knowledge that His grace is sufficient carry you through. Allowing God’s power to be at work in your weakness. Trusting God even more each day.

Pray for me, I am praying for you..

Reverend Anastasia Huntley

04 July 2021