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Spiritual Formation

The notion of split spirituality

Modern spirituality in mainstream Christianity involves the integration of the material, mental and mystic dimensions of humans. This is a significant departure from the tendency to the split holiness of days gone by.

Split holiness is encapsulated in a person who exhibits a different holiness towards religions life and the hurly-burly of secular life. Today's spirituality strives to merge these into one.

What is the meaning of spirituality?

Spirituality is a condition of man. The ancient Greek philosophers described spirituality as the madness that comes from the gods. Spirituality is not optional. We are created spiritual. However, how you use your spirituality, is indeed optional. The vision of All Saints is the transformation of our spirituality into one that has value in Kingdom terms.

Christian spirituality has four equally important pillars for support:

  • Private morality and prayer
  • Social justice
  • Service to the community
  • Communal worship


  • Christianity is not about the adherence to the laws of the Old Testament and damnation on failure, but repentance and redemption
  • It embraces the Holy Spirit, which is there for our support and comfort
  • It relies on the grace of God the Father
  • This all requires for faith
What is spiritual transformation?

A renowned Christian personality, Daniel Berrigan, once asked, crassly but accurately: "Where does your faith live? In the head? In the heart?" Your faith, he assures us, "is rarely where your head is at, just as rarely where your heart is at. Your faith is where your ass is at! Where are you living? What are you doing? These things - our actions, our charity, our morality - are what determine whether we believe or not."

The church is beginning to recognise that these things change significantly during a person's life. Consequently, there is recognition of first half of life spirituality as distinct from second half of life spirituality.

At All Saints we acknowledge that there is a need for different styles and types of spirituality, and we attempt to unpack them in different ways, so as to be inclusive to the younger seekers.

At All Saints, we have found in our own experiences, in the scriptures and in the world around us God in all things and the value of an inclusive holiness in our spiritual transformation.



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