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The Parish of All Saints - Profile

Who we are
Brief history
'Plant and buildings'
Passions of the Church
Organisational structure

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The Parish is an active member of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. It falls within the diocese of Johannesburg which includes 71 parishes involving approximately 13 000 members. The largest of these parishes include St Michael's, Bryanston, with 600 and St Thomas', Linden, with 500 worshippers respectively each Sunday.

The Fourways area is classified as one of the fastest growing high density cosmopolitan nodes in Southern Africa let alone Johannesburg. Most of the residential areas are relatively new establishments with a large percentage of young and recently settled families. It is approximately 25 km from the centre of the city.

All Saints church is nestled in Kengies next to Fourways Gardens on about 20 000 square metres of land and is surrounded by 3 large residential estates being:

  • Fourways Gardens
  • Cedar Lakes
  • Dainfern Estate

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Who we are

In terms of a corporate spiritual journey, the Parish recognizes that each individual has a unique spiritual encounter. The 'teaching' at the Parish is focused on contemplative spirituality and the need for a personal experience with Christ.

All Saints Anglican Church strongly subscribes to the Vision Statement as pronounced by the Diocese of Johannesburg. A strong emphasis is placed on the notion of the Ministry of All believers and Every Member Ministry. Spiritual formation is one of the cornerstones on which ministry at the parish is built. In addition to the aforegoing, we live the practice of:

"belong, believe, behave and not behave, believe, belong"

which fundamentally impacts on the way in which we approach baptisms, marriages, new memberships etc?

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Brief history

Due to rapid development in the Fourways area and overcrowding at St Michaels, Bryanston in the 1990's, and motivated by Duncan Buchanan, then Bishop of Johannesburg and Jimmy McConnel, Rector of St Michaels, the parish council of St Michaels took a decision to plant a church north of them in the Fourways area.

In 1999 the Richard Savage Trust purchased 5 acres of land in Richard Road, Kengies on which the All Saints Parish was erected. The construction of the church was largely funded by St Michaels.

Rev Gerald Steward, who was an assistant at St Michaels, was nominated to lead the project and after considerable prayer it was decided that the building should be:

  • a place of welcome for ALL people;
  • a place of peace;
  • family friendly;
  • Afro-centric as opposed to Euro-centric yet deeply sacramental;
  • adaptable and flexible to future worship patterns (no pews);
  • mirroring the emerging Priesthood of All Believers (no separation between alter, sanctuary and people).

Architect, John Powel, who had a strong calling to design the church, achieved a building that reflects all the above, a simple church that to a large extent reflects the reduction of clerical power and the rediscovery of every member ministry.

The congregation of All Saints originated from the joining of St Justin's, who met in the Witkoppen School, and the community who worshipped in the St Peter's prep chapel. Building of the church commenced in 2001 and was dedicated in March 2002 by Bishop Brian Germond.

Our prayer is that our church will never lose its ethos of welcome, of a simple uncluttered building; an oasis of peace in this fast developing suburb. We exist in order to facilitate worship of God and to be a bit of Christ to the community around us.

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'Plant and buildings'

In terms of physical facilities we have a modern church building which houses a vestry, meeting rooms and a well equipped kitchen.

We extensively use our 'plant' as a place of:

  • Welcome and worship
  • Spiritual formation
  • Quiet retreat
  • Learning and counseling
  • Preparation for marriage, baptism, first communion
  • Healing in terms of illness, stress and grief
  • Prayer and peace for adults, teenagers and children

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The Parish Roll currently consists of two hundred families who worship at one or other of our various services.

The Sunday morning (7.30am) Said Eucharist is meditative in nature. On average there are forty communicants, although the attendance is higher during the summer months. Worshippers are the more mature, more contemplative members of our community.

The Sunday morning (9am) Sung Eucharist is the main family service of the week with an ever growing membership of Young Saints (Sunday School). There are a number of families with young children (under 10 years) who worship at this service, together with those of the older generation. The attendance reflects the cultural diversity of the country. On average there are about one hundred communicants, although this number reduces substantially during school holidays.

On Wednesdays, a Said Eucharist is held at 9.30am, followed by sharing and fellowship and interactive Bible Study run by the incumbent priest. The service is attended by about twenty 'regulars' who are mainly women who are retired or who are not in regular employment. The encounter here is intense yet relaxed without any sense of haste.

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Passions of the Church

All Saints is a special place of:

  • spiritual growth and depth in worship;
  • deep awareness of the centrality of Christ in our lives;
  • dynamic, free flowing contemplative worship;
  • prayer;
  • developing an ever deepening relationship with God;
  • sharing and involvement in the ministry of all believers;
  • transforming members to become second half of life Christians (a deeper more mature relationship with our Lord);
  • healing in terms of illness, grief, stress and burnout.

Besides subscribing to the diocesan vision, we are passionate to practice the art of being a caring, loving and compassionate, worshipping community. This vision indicates the intended direction for the Parish, although the implementation plan for the vision has yet to be developed.

Building spiritual lives and fellowship are key goals for All Saints, recognising that effective communication is required to enable the attainment of the goals. There is broad acknowledgement that the mission field is the wider community, and besides building community, the Parish is involved in outreach projects at Zevenfontein and Cosmo City.

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Organisational structure

The clergy are supported by a team of parish ministers who assist with the worship services and a parish Council and Executive who provide practical support for the day-to-day running of the Parish.

In addition to the above, there are a number of small groups or teams within the Parish who are responsible for developing spirituality (e.g. preparation for baptism and marriage, admission to communion), outreach as well as teams that offer opportunities for fellowship (e.g. socials), teaching (marriage enrichment, ALPHA and other course offerings etc). Other teams of people are directly involved in preparing and enabling communal worship (e.g. choir, sacristans, servers and flower guild).

The clergy are charged with providing an oversight role, with a specific focus on building the spiritual lives of the congregants, through teaching the Scripture, counseling, visiting - facilitated by a life of prayer and devotion.

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The Church has adopted the portfolio system of governance though this is still in a stage of development. The following portfolios are operative to a greater or lesser degree:

  • Young Saints
  • Youth
  • Cosmo City
  • HIV/Aids
  • Development
  • Garden of Remembrance
  • Maintenance
  • Bells
Finance Committee

  • Reading Table
  • Baptism
  • First Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Marriage Enrichment
Pastoral Care
  • Counseling
  • Visitation
  • Retirement Villages
  • Readers
  • Music Group
  • Flower Guild
  • Parish Ministers
  • Sacristans
  • Servers
  • Bell Ringers
  • Services
  • Tea Group
  • Socials
Spiritual Formation
  • Retreats
  • Intercessors
  • Home Groups
  • Welcome
  • Communications
  • Marketing

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Service Times:


Said Eucharist - 07h30
Holy Communion - 09h00
Junior Worship - 09h00

All Saints bell tower


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