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Calendar Events

Date(s) Day(s) Time Event
14 Jan Saturday 9-11am Ministry Saturday
21 Jan Saturday 9-11am Ministry Saturday
28 Jan Saturday 9-11am Ministry Saturday
31 Jan Tuesday 6.30pm Parish Council meeting
11 Feb Saturday 12pm Valentine's Fun Day
12 Feb Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
21 Feb Tuesday 6.30pm Parish Council Meeting
25 Feb Saturday 9-10am Baptism Class
28 Feb Tuesday 6pm Shrove Tuesday pancakes
01 Mar Wednesday 9.30am & 7pm Ash Wednesday Services
05 Mar Sunday 9am Annual Vestry
25 Mar Saturday 9-11am Preachers Guild
08 Apr Saturday 07h30 Jumble Sale
09 Apr Sunday Palm Sunday
09 Apr Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
11 Apr Tuesday 7pm Passover Meal
13 Apr Thursday 7pm Maundy Thursday Service
14 Apr Friday 10am Stations of the Cross
12-3pm Good Friday Service
16 Apr Sunday 5.30am Service of the Light
9am Easter Service
23 Apr Sunday Freedom Park Outing
13 May Saturday 3-5pm Messy Church
27 May Saturday 9-10am Baptism Class
11 June Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
24 June Saturday 9-11am Preachers/Sharing workshop
29 July Saturday 12.30pm Christmas in July
13 Aug Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
Sunday 9am Women's Day Celebration
26 Aug Saturday 9-10am Baptism Class
02 Sept Saturday 8am Quiet Morning
09 Sept Saturday 7.30am Jumble Sale
10 Sept Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
08 Oct Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
29 Oct Sunday 9am Children led service
02 Nov Thursday 7pm Commemoration of Faithful Departed
05 Nov Sunday Patronal Festival
Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
17 Nov Friday 6.30pm 100 club social
25 Nov Saturday 9-10am Baptism Class
03 Dec Sunday 9am Nativity Play
Sunday 3-5pm Messy Church
Sunday 6pm Carols service
17 Dec Sunday DG Sunday



Service Times:


Said Eucharist - 07h30
Holy Communion - 09h00
Junior Worship - 09h00


Holy Communion - 09h30
Study & Fellowship - 10h30

All Saints bell tower


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